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LugLock-TM is
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bullet Loose Wheel Nut

LugLockTM locks the wheel nuts in place!

Reduces the "perceived need" to (repeatedly) overtorque wheel nuts, which reduces clamping force, increases the frequency of nut, thread and stud failure and replacement, and can result in cracked wheels - each of which increases the risk of fines, additional wheel/component damage, and wheel separations.

Stops wheel nut back off during periods of differential thermal contraction, which results in permanent loss of torque and clamping force.

Protects nuts and threads from salt, sand, dirt, and other contaminants.  Reduces the frequency of settling effects and false torques (increased risk) caused by rust, damaged threads, and unclean mating surfaces, or the labor required to maintain these components in clean and proper assembly condition.

bulletLoose / Missing Wheel Nuts

LugLockTM stops the progression of a single loose wheel nut (or broken stud) into multiple loose or missing wheel nuts!

Ideal for trailers, which sometimes receive less maintenance attention than power units.

bulletFines / Impound
bulletWheel / Component Damage
bulletDowntime, Road Calls, Late Deliveries
The LugLockTM
reduces the risk of points, fines, and impound caused by loose or missing wheel nuts.

Reduces the risk of wheel, hub, and mounting hardware damage - which increase the risk of future loose wheel nuts and wheel detachments if not repaired or replaced.

Reduces the risk of downtime for shop repairs, extended road repairs and road calls, and late delivery penalties.

Prevention of only a single such event will pay for numerous LugLockTMs, while they protect the fleet for years against the much more costly consequences of a wheel detachment.

bulletWheel Detachments
bulletLegal Liabilities

The LugLockTM reduces the risk of wheel separations resulting in stiff fines.

Reduces the risk of wheel separation accidents resulting in vehicular damage and increased insurance premiums.

Reduces the risk of wheel separation accidents resulting in personal injury or death.

Protects fleets against legal liabilities affecting their financial viability, their maintenance staff and management, and their customers and vendors.