October, 2000

Trucker in Fatal Wheel-Loss Crash Likely to be Charged

10/2/2000  -  Charges are likely to be filed against a trucker whose truck lost two of its 18 wheels, causing a deadly crash in Columbus, Ohio, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Charges could range from a misdemeanor to felony vehicular homicide.

Investigators think the driver, Louis Ray, is responsible for two wheels coming off his trailer Tuesday night on I-70 just west of I-270.  One of the wheels from the westbound truck bounced over a concrete divider and into the path of an eastbound rig driven by David Booher.  Booher lost control of his truck and crashed through the divider, striking a westbound van driven by Dennis Redlinger, who was killed.

Ray continued driving.  The State Highway Patrol found him at a gas station further down the road.

Investigators plan to focus on how the wheels came off and who is responsible, including whether Ray had inspected his wheels and if he knew they had come off.

Ray’s truck has been impounded and police have filed a search warrant so they can inspect it at a later date.

Police say the inspection, along with a recreation of the crash scene, will take place before charges are officially filed.